Welcome to Beauty Secrets Aesthetic Lounge
Want to turn back the hands of time, look more rested and youthful? Find out how. Talk to us. Know the secret for a beautiful you.

The Secret is Out

It’s a little celebrity secret we’re letting out of the bag.

At Beauty Secrets Aesthetic Lounge, we offer a wide array of cosmetic options for the body and face. With notable physician expertise, access to state-of-the-art technology and onsite Medical Director, Beauty Secrets Aesthetic Lounge is one of San Antonio’s destinations for timeless beauty and wellness.

Want to turn back the hands of time, look more rested and youthful?

Dr. Pena and his staff promote wellness, health, beauty and utilize 21st century technology to improve the overall appearance and well-being of patients. Our office is conveniently located in the Downtown Arts District. Dr. Pena’s practice serves patients from the greater San Antonio area. We believe that men and women can look and feel beautiful at any age and any stage of life. Because here at Beauty Secrets Aesthetic Lounge, we believe everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and beautiful.

Interested in how you can keep your face looking young and refreshed? The face sends a message, and the position of the eyebrows is a significant part of that message. Here at SA Beauty Secrets, we help you put your best face forward.
By combining primary care, aesthetic and weight loss in a holistic manner, our practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality integrated medical care in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Our compassionate and friendly team of ... [more]
  • Advanced Aesthetic Nonsurgical Options
    1. Plumping your lips, soften facial features, enhance shallore contours, remove wrinkles and recessed scars. Name it and we can solve it for you.
  • Medical Weight Loss
    1. Lose weight and help extend your life with the help of our Lipotropic Injections.
      The key to the program is still behavior modification with emphasis on proper diet and portion control.
  • Vitamin Injections
    1. When nutrients are injected directly into the bloodstream they bypass the digestive system and are “pushed” directly into cells where they can be more effectively utilized by the body. Weekly vitamin shots are an effective way to increase your energy, strengthen your immune system and promote weight loss.
  • Preventative and Internal Medicine Services